How many people believe they are in the wrong job, but feel trapped by recession?

At a recent Career Clinic event which I run on a regular basis, out of 8 participants, 6 felt that they wanted a complete change of job or career; only 2 were not currently working. Some might think that this was being ungrateful while so many are unemployed; others might think they were just plain mad! However some people have made the break and been successful – three of my clients have landed new roles in the last month. It’s difficult out there, but not impossible. Career coaching either in a group session or one-to-one, with exercises, assessments and in-depth discussion around what you want to do and why, can be beneficial for anyone considering a change. You might not be ready to hand in your notice just yet, but by establishing an ultimate goal, you can start to take small steps to move you closer to that goal, such as certification, or building experience in a new area. You will also recognise opportunities to help you get there that you mightn’t notice otherwise, perhaps even with your current employer. One client who worked in Dublin wanted to move back to Galway, and had been working long hours in a stressful job; she decided she would have to give her notice, but her firm valued her so much that they offered her the option to telework 3 days a week – who says you can’t have your cake & eat it!

My next Career Clinic is in Dublin, Ireland on May 26 7-8:30pm – further details and booking on

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