What are you avoiding? #fitnotthin


Having spent most of my life “getting away” with being basically lazy in physical terms I decided it was time for a change. My work involves helping others to be the best they can be in professional and personal life, but this was something I’d been avoiding, so it was time to walk the walk – literally!

I have never really been fit in my life – being tall, my only specialist skill in PE class was standing near the basket and waiting for the ball to pass to me. In college we walked everywhere so I guess that took care of itself, but recently, other than the occasional recreational walk and a relaxing yoga class, regular exercise was never a part of my adult life. I used to say that “I wouldn’t walk the length of myself” and it was fairly true!

In relation to weight and body fat – let’s just say there’s room for improvement – but again being tall means you can hide it more easily… well, up to a point, which was passed some time ago!

So with the loss of a family member this year after a long illness, I realised that I wanted to take responsibility for my own health and fitness and get moving – nobody’s going to do it for me. I felt that I needed a personal trainer to keep me on track and accountable, and push me farther than I would myself. I’m not looking for a quick fix, but to change the habits of a lifetime.

On 1st Sept I signed up for a personal training programme – two or three sessions per week. I won’t say I enjoy it – but I’m choosing an attitude of “it’s neither good nor bad, but necessary”. Doesn’t help much on a treadmill when you’re purple in the face and sweating like a pig – but they say if you look good when you’re doing it, then you’re not doing it right! Work is getting busy but most of the time I schedule my gym sessions in the morning and then client meetings and other stuff fits around it.

No running (for now), just weight training, resistance, squats, lunges, stepups, slamballs and all that… planking now has a whole different meaning… and it’s working.

I notice how I’m thinking and the times when you think at the start “Is he mad? I can’t do 20 repetitions”, usually I can’t – but if I start thinking “He is mad, but yes aim for 20, I can do it” funnily enough I usually can. Turns out Henry Ford was right.

So after six weeks of this with mostly sensible eating, I’m down a few pounds and have some increase in muscle. But mostly I’ve noticed improved mobility and flexibility, and daily activities are easier. I don’t feel I lacked energy before, but this too has improved and helps me stay focused when I’m working on something.

So while most areas of life are good and I’m grateful for that, this was the one area that I had been avoiding or in denial about. I’m lucky to be in good health compared to many and able to do this now – so while we’re still over the ground and moving around, it’s never too late for any of us.

Now, what are you avoiding?


photo credit http://www.viktorhanacek.com/

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