Build Emotional Intelligence


“The core of high EI is self-awareness: if you don’t understand your own motivations and behaviors, it’s nearly impossible to develop an understanding of others. A lack of self-awareness can also thwart your ability to think rationally and apply technical capabilities.” Source Harvard University

This 3 month programme works with you and your team, to help build leadership & collaboration skills, using the EQi2.0 Emotional Intelligence model

This programme helps you to develop in five areas:

  • Self Perception – including awareness of your own emotions and how they can affect your performance
  • Self Expression – ability to communicate clearly with others and express emotions appropriately
  • Interpersonal – skills to build strong relationships and connections with others
  • Decision Making – including problem solving ability
  • Stress Management – including areas such as resilience

The EQi Coaching programme is designed for Leaders, Team Members and/or the team as a whole, with individual and team reports including 360 feedback as follows:

  • Leadership EQi2.0 Assessment & Report including EQ360
  • Workplace EQi2.0 Assessment & Report including EQ360
  • Team EQ Assessment

The EQi Coaching Programme Steps

Step 1: Complete 20 minute online self-assessment

Step 2: Arrange your 2 hour EQi Feedback & Goal Setting Session

Step 3: Work on your goals with regular coaching sessions and progress reviews over 90 days

Step 4: Measure progress, changes, impact