Team Refocus and Reconnect 2020

You and your team are all rushing to get back on track, but are you clear on where you are heading? Is the destination the same as it was at the start of 2020?  

We have all experienced massive systemic change in the world of work and seismic shifts in our society. We’ve seen how important it is for countries to share information and to collaborate in an effective way for a common goal.  We have learned new things, been forced to adapt faster than we could have imagined and also experienced personal losses and disconnects along the way. There’s a risk that we could lose some of the wisdom and insight we have gained.

We now see how interconnected and interdependent we all are –  in order to move forward with renewed focus, your team could use the opportunity to ensure there is clarity and alignment, so that they are positioned to sustain themselves through ongoing challenges and changes.

Anne & Liz have co-designed a Virtual Team “Refocus” Workshop, to help leaders and their teams to:

  • Refocus and reconnect with your team purpose
  • Renew and recalibrate team goals and realistic priorities
  • Reestablish new team norms for the “new normal”
  • Realign the team of shared values and what’s really important

You and your team will leave the short workshop with the following outcomes:

  • A clear sense of how far you have come, the destination and the new starting point
  • Recognition of what has been done well and the challenges that have arisen
  • Taking stock and valuing what has been learned that will be useful in the future
  • Planning next steps for people and teams to sustain progress

Ideal for Project Teams, Small or Medium Enterprises, Management or Leadership Teams

Facilitated by Anne Tannam (Associate Certified Coach) and Liz Barron (Professional Certified Coach) 

Contact or to discuss where your team is at and how we can help you refocus on your shared purpose and way forward.