realize potential

Realize Coaching helps you achieve your, your team’s or your organisation’s goals to be the best you can possibly be.

Coaching techniques and principles are widely used in the sporting arena – helping athletes to prepare mentally to achieve their goals and maximise performance – and now the discipline of coaching is increasingly being used in business and life to help people realize their full potential.

“I work with business leaders, project managers and their teams
to help them connect, collaborate and communicate more effectively so they can deliver
amazing results… maximising creativity, business agility and team resilience.”

– Liz Barron, Founder Realize Coaching


I specialise in working with Leaders and Teams to help them to connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively – so that they can realize their purpose and potential.

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Mentor Coaching

If you’re a qualified coach seeking to advance your career, you may be considering a professional credential with the International Coach Federation.

Specifically for trained coaches who want to develop their Core Coaching Competencies to meet the requirements for an ICF Credential.

We contacted Liz with a view to improving team dynamics, and general lines of communication and working together … Our first session was well received and has already borne fruit in improving the different ways different team members thrive and work best.

Liz is an excellent facilitator, guiding the session, but remaining outside the group, thus allowing the team to bond while working together. We look forward to part two.

Dr Cathy Cullen, Clinical Director, Safetynet

I am now much more confident about my role and my experience as a Project Manager. I was struggling to find the right role because of my lack of confidence in interviews, and I needed more focus in my job search strategy. My coaching programme with Liz helped me to connect with the right people and to show my leadership ability at interview. Employers can now see clearly how I can add value to their organisation, and particularly in how I can handle challenging situations, so that I received two job offers from my next two interviews.

Cristina Ascencao – Senior Project Manager