Coaching Skills for Leaders – 2 day

This two day programme aims to introduce participants to the art and science of coaching to enhance your leadership skills.

Coaching skills are fundamental to unlocking the untapped potential of those around you; rather than telling and advising based on your own experience – true coaching asks questions, and enables the other party to learn and tap into their own resources to resolve challenges and maximise their potential, enabling development of self-awareness and deeper learning.

As our world moves at an ever faster rate of change, our ability to lead others will not be based on command & control, but empowering and developing others to realize their true potential

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will

  • Understand the role and potential of coaching skills in enhancing leadership and professional development
  • Have gained some practical experience in coaching skills
  • Be able to apply coaching skills to their role as a leader and in their personal life.

This programme covers

  • Relationship between Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership
  • Communication & Learning Styles
  • Active Listening
  • GROW Model
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Neuroscience, Thoughts, Habits & Behaviours
  • How we respond to external events
  • Introducing and practicing core Coaching Competencies
    • Agreement and goal setting with the coachee
    • Creating the Coaching Relationship & establishing rapport
    • Communicating Effectively – questioning, direct communication & feedback
    • Facilitating Learning & Results – designing actions, planning and goal setting
  • Use of Language – metaphor, imagery

Recommended for:

Programme & Project Managers, Business Analysts, Team Leaders, Business Owners, Business Managers and newly appointed or promoted Leaders.

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