joining the dots #realize10years

I always loved those “join-the-dots” books as a child – even when they weren’t numbered – you just had to work them out for yourself, so anything could emerge! Just like working with teams really. I’ve recently had the privilege to work with a talented brand designer Aisling Griffin, at – and the new … Continue reading joining the dots #realize10years

How ‘good’ is your judgement? #realize10years

Do you have a judging habit? One of the biggest things I’ve learned since completing my coach training and working with clients is being aware of judgement – whether of ourselves or others, and how it can often get in our way. We think of using our judgement as being a positive thing – we … Continue reading How ‘good’ is your judgement? #realize10years

Investing in You #iwd2019 #realize10years

Image by nattanan23 on Pixabay As it’s International Women’s Day on 8th March, I thought it would be worth exploring this topic, as one of my ten “themes” during my tenth year working in professional coaching. Many of my colleagues and coaching clients, and particularly business women I know tend to put themselves last when it … Continue reading Investing in You #iwd2019 #realize10years

Ten Years to Realize – My Ten Year Challenge!

The 10 Year Challenge has recently been the subject of many memes and online gags – but for most of us in business today, making it to ten years is a significant achievement and worthy of celebration! If anyone had told me 11 years ago that I’d have my own business, I’d have laughed in … Continue reading Ten Years to Realize – My Ten Year Challenge!

Taking your #ProjectManagement career to the next level; Part 2 of 2

Following from my previous post... here are another four things to consider about taking the next steps in your Project or Programme Management career... Companies or Products you admire: Are there products or services that you think would be amazing to be part of? Many people have a dream of working for say Facebook or Google, … Continue reading Taking your #ProjectManagement career to the next level; Part 2 of 2