What they said; some feedback from the Work Life Balance workshop

Below are some of the comments from last Saturday’s Work / Life Balance workshop.

This workshop will be repeated again later in the year.

The Work /Life balance session, or any of our workshops, can be scheduled in the home or workplace for any group of four or more people.

Next month’s workshop is “Career Clinic – CV Makeover & Interview Skills” – Feb 26 – see www.realize.ie

“Good to hear that others have similar issues/dilemmas – need to focus on getting more out of things I like doing”

“Really good investment of time – an opportunity to take some time to think about what’s important and explore these areas. Identified interesting patterns and helped me think about next steps I can take. Unexpectedly good visualisation / relaxation exercise!”

“Allowed me time to think of just me – I really enjoyed it!”

“Great value – helped to focus the mind and give me the impetus to just go and do it! Lovely to share with others in the same boat. Thank you – really enjoyed it; a fab start to the weekend!”

“Absolutely – hard work at times but I’ve a new goal – something I haven’t thought about for 20 years!”

“I know now what I need –  to focus on what gives me joy – a hobby outside work time”

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