Look at The State of You

To anyone with Irish connections, this can be an emotive statement – reminiscent of a parent complaining when you come in from play covered in dirt, or getting home late from a night out somewhat the worse for wear. “Would you look at the state of you?!” But there’s another aspect of “the state of … Continue reading Look at The State of You

No is a Complete Sentence

Many professionals today are completely overwhelmed with work, and in their willingness to please or desire to avoid conflict, when presented with yet another work request, they ‘give in’ and resentfully add it to their already overflowing in-tray. The root cause of this is usually under-resourced teams who can’t recruit the staff they want or … Continue reading No is a Complete Sentence

Zoom Out to Focus In

Last month, I shared some ways to think differently about how you can best set goals by doing it your way – we’re all different, so following what someone else is doing may not be the best approach for you. Today, I’ll share four possible ways to tap into your creativity and think about your … Continue reading Zoom Out to Focus In

You can goal your own way

As a new year begins, you’ll probably be thinking about all the things you want to change or get completed. You tell yourself, ‘this time will be different, I’m going to knock all my achievements out the park!’ but come December you’re rolling your eyes at finding yourself in pretty much the exact same situation … Continue reading You can goal your own way

Transformation gone viral #covid19

Late last year I was delighted to start delivering an innovative talent development programme for a multinational technology company here in Ireland. This initiative was to prepare their workforce for digital transformation in the near future, which would demand new technical skills but also social capital skills, including communication, critical thinking, team working and emotional … Continue reading Transformation gone viral #covid19