Look at The State of You

To anyone with Irish connections, this can be an emotive statement – reminiscent of a parent complaining when you come in from play covered in dirt, or getting home late from a night out somewhat the worse for wear. “Would you look at the state of you?!” But there’s another aspect of “the state of … Continue reading Look at The State of You

Zoom Out to Focus In

Last month, I shared some ways to think differently about how you can best set goals by doing it your way – we’re all different, so following what someone else is doing may not be the best approach for you. Today, I’ll share four possible ways to tap into your creativity and think about your … Continue reading Zoom Out to Focus In

Graduation… then what?

So perhaps your darling son or daughter or young family member has graduated from university or college and is now ready for the real world of employment. I’ve recently worked with a few young people who have graduated or are about to, and noticed that there’s a very real “deer in headlights” feeling with them; … Continue reading Graduation… then what?

What women want: #confidence #nwed

I work with many clients, some male but predominantly female, who at some point in our coaching sessions will say; “if only I had the confidence… more confidence… her confidence… “. What is it, this elusive thing that we tell ourselves we don’t have? Where is it? If you had it before, where did it go? Maybe you left it behind in a taxi or it vanished down the back of the sofa… and how can you find it again?

Are we there yet?

Some journeys can be long and arduous and test our patience. The journey of learning continues through most of our lives, and perhaps at times we wonder “Are we there yet?” – “Surely I must have arrived by now after everything I’ve been through”! But we often don’t realize just how far we have come. … Continue reading Are we there yet?

What’s another year?

“I’ve been waiting, such a long time…” Most Irish people and Eurovision fans will recognise the song line from the guy in the white suit… but what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to make change in your life, and have been waiting to get the timing just right, how long more are you going … Continue reading What’s another year?

Delighted to be awarded ICF Ireland Career Coach of the Year 2014

Delighted to be selected as the @ICFIreland Career Coach of the Year 2014, which was sponsored by Lee Hecht Harrison and presented by Keara McAndrew; while we don't do this work for awards, I'm honoured especially when so many other brilliant coaches were shortlisted. Congratulations also to Worklink.ie represented by Darren Cannon and volunteer Claire … Continue reading Delighted to be awarded ICF Ireland Career Coach of the Year 2014

What are you #waiting for?

As we notice the seasons change, we become conscious of the passing of time – maybe you’ve been waiting for something to happen. We spend so much of our lives waiting … for the bus… to pick up the kids…for the kettle to boil… for the weekend… for the winter... for new year… We often … Continue reading What are you #waiting for?

Feeling #overwhelmed? Create space for you

 During the summer months hopefully we all get to take some vacation / holiday time, either alone or with friends or family. Many coaching clients I have been working with find it difficult to switch off, and feel overwhelmed at times by lots of competing demands, responsibilities and never ending "to do" lists. When working … Continue reading Feeling #overwhelmed? Create space for you