Ten Years to Realize – My Ten Year Challenge!

The 10 Year Challenge has recently been the subject of many memes and online gags – but for most of us in business today, making it to ten years is a significant achievement and worthy of celebration! If anyone had told me 11 years ago that I’d have my own business, I’d have laughed in … Continue reading Ten Years to Realize – My Ten Year Challenge!

What’s another year?

“I’ve been waiting, such a long time…” Most Irish people and Eurovision fans will recognise the song line from the guy in the white suit… but what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to make change in your life, and have been waiting to get the timing just right, how long more are you going … Continue reading What’s another year?

Finding work after unemployment – the key

A quick post because things have been really busy lately - just wanted to share a good news story about people's ability to find work after long term unemployment. Along with my regular day job of coaching my clients in career & life, I am also working on a programme with Worklink. Worklink is a … Continue reading Finding work after unemployment – the key

#thirteenthings to teach my teenagers

As parents we never stop wanting the best for our kids – our relationship changes and evolves as we all grow older and wiser, but we still want to help them learn and develop. We helped them learn how to walk and feed themselves, to ride a bike, to manage their pocket money and mind … Continue reading #thirteenthings to teach my teenagers

A handy tool to help you get organised

  I’m always looking for simple tools that make life easier (my inner geek coming to the fore!) and for anyone who has a lot of projects on the go, you may want to check out a free collaborative tool called Asana (www.asana.com). This web-based software makes it easy to create and share projects and … Continue reading A handy tool to help you get organised