New Year’s Evolution #nyevolution

thoughtsIt’s that time of year when we are bombarded with images and articles about new diets, new fitness regimes and “new year, new you” – encouraging us to being ever more dissatisfied with ourselves and wanting to make some kind of change in our lives. Not that change is a bad thing, but perhaps it’s the way we go about it that can make it doomed to fail.

Our thoughts and internal voice is all too often focused on finding fault and criticising ourselves.

We wouldn’t speak to other people or to children the way we do to ourselves – often without even realising we are doing it.

So rather than another new year resolution, how about a gradual evolution?
Taking little steps towards being more of the person you really want to be, more of the real you?

What if the first or even the only change we were to make was to be less judgemental and more accepting, compassionate and kind to ourselves?

Do this by just becoming aware of your thoughts.
Observe how those thoughts are making you feel.
Recognise that you have a choice as to whether to believe those thoughts, or not.

It’s not about controlling your thoughts…
it’s about not letting them control you.

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