Finding work after unemployment – the key


A quick post because things have been really busy lately – just wanted to share a good news story about people’s ability to find work after long term unemployment.

Along with my regular day job of coaching my clients in career & life, I am also working on a programme with Worklink.

Worklink is a non-profit employment support network, providing unemployed jobseekers with access to free career coaching and jobseeker skills, provided by Worklink volunteer coaches and HR professionals.

My role at the moment is to help extend the service outside Dublin, North East & Cork where it is already up & running; we are hoping to get off the ground in Limerick & Galway before the end of the year.

Last week I attended the Network 2 Getwork event in Jobcare in Pearse St Dublin, where Worklink volunteers assist as facilitators on their jobseeker programme – I was blown away by the calibre of the jobseekers who attended; all who for various reasons and through no fault of their own, have found themselves unemployed.

The good news story was that Brian, a former project manager in the construction industry who told his story, successfully transitioned into a project manager role with a financial institution – the lesson he shared was this – he had previously spent all his time at his computer sending out CVs. He changed his approach so that every day when he woke he was thinking “How can I get myself in front of a potential employer today?” and through the Jobnet programme he was able to make the right connections.

Through jobseeker organisations like Jobcare and Worklink, people gain the confidence, skills and focus to do everything in their power, using the most effective strategies, to find work. Jobseekers may become isolated, demotivated and disconnected, where the key to success is in getting out there and meeting with people who can connect you to your next opportunity.

Coaching can help, but ultimately jobseekers need to get involved with other people, whether it’s a career club, networking group or a social or hobby group – you never know who you will meet and what opportunity that could lead to.

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