Graduation… then what?

So perhaps your darling son or daughter or young family member has graduated from university or college and is now ready for the real world of employment. I’ve recently worked with a few young people who have graduated or are about to, and noticed that there’s a very real “deer in headlights” feeling with them; … Continue reading Graduation… then what?

Finding work after unemployment – the key

A quick post because things have been really busy lately - just wanted to share a good news story about people's ability to find work after long term unemployment. Along with my regular day job of coaching my clients in career & life, I am also working on a programme with Worklink. Worklink is a … Continue reading Finding work after unemployment – the key

#BigIdea 2013: Time for Action

Many of us are feeling the pinch in the current climate, and I don’t just mean the chilling winter wind! And while we’re often told that “it’s good to talk”, and “a problem shared is a problem halved”, this can sometimes turn into complaining, moaning and harping on about our situation, over and over again, … Continue reading #BigIdea 2013: Time for Action

Heading for the Exit? Part 2 of 2

This is the second post in this series -  some more stuff you need to know if you're about to exit your current job. Read Part 1 here Follow a structured process for your work search – trawling the internet is statistically the least effective way to find a job, because especially in Ireland, where … Continue reading Heading for the Exit? Part 2 of 2

Heading for the Exit? Part 1 of 2

So you’re leaving your current job or thinking about it? Maybe you’re being shown the door or are running frantically towards the exit because you can’t wait to escape the burning building (metaphorically speaking!) I have coached many clients through voluntary & not so voluntary redundancy over the past few years; the majority of them … Continue reading Heading for the Exit? Part 1 of 2

Repairing “storm damage” in your life

The recent banking payments problem here in Ireland reminds me of storm damage after a hurricane – while they work on a solution to repair the harbour wall, the bigger problem is managing the ongoing surges of waves that keep coming in on a daily basis. Our lives can be a bit like this too … Continue reading Repairing “storm damage” in your life

from “Unemployable” last week to “dream job” this week

Last week I met with a client in the accountancy field who had recently been told by a recruitment agency that he was "unemployable"! I spoke to him today and he has just been offered what he said is in many ways his dream job, perhaps paid slightly less than he'd like but with great … Continue reading from “Unemployable” last week to “dream job” this week

Career Clinic Workshop: Focus your CV and work search

Career Coaching Workshop: “Focusing your CV and Worksearch" Saturday 28th May 2011 09.30-12.00 – Bewleys Hotel, Leopardstown, Co Dublin When looking for a new role, a common mistake in preparing a CV and planning to look for work is to keep the CV general, and put in so much information to cover all possibilities, that the reader … Continue reading Career Clinic Workshop: Focus your CV and work search

Four common mistakes when looking for work

Many people that I have met recently, during my career workshops or coaching, who have been out of work for a while are fighting a huge battle – primarily with themselves. The longer they are out of work, the more their confidence and self-belief is damaged, so it seems like a huge mountain to climb. Most of us … Continue reading Four common mistakes when looking for work