You can goal your own way

As a new year begins, you’ll probably be thinking about all the things you want to change or get completed. You tell yourself, ‘this time will be different, I’m going to knock all my achievements out the park!’ but come December you’re rolling your eyes at finding yourself in pretty much the exact same situation … Continue reading You can goal your own way

#BigIdea 2013: Time for Action

Many of us are feeling the pinch in the current climate, and I don’t just mean the chilling winter wind! And while we’re often told that “it’s good to talk”, and “a problem shared is a problem halved”, this can sometimes turn into complaining, moaning and harping on about our situation, over and over again, … Continue reading #BigIdea 2013: Time for Action

Make your own luck, with the shamrock

Traditionally on St Patrick’s Day, the shamrock with its three leaves is used as a metaphor to represent the Christian trinity… NOT to be confused with the elusive four-leaf clover which represents good luck!  How can the shamrock inspire us on the road to recovery? Given that we are known for having “the Luck of … Continue reading Make your own luck, with the shamrock

How to give up “giving up”!

If you’re a plant, you need water, food, the right kind of soil as well as sunlight and a certain amount of warmth to grow. You need to develop a sturdy root system to support your growth in the longer term. The seasoned gardeners among us will agree that they certainly aren't thinking about what … Continue reading How to give up “giving up”!

Three rules you can break any day

We all have our golden rules, often ones that we aren’t even consciously aware of. However it can be a problem for us when we find that our rules aren’t serving us well. Here are just three that you might need to rethink from time to time… or on any given day you might want … Continue reading Three rules you can break any day

“Publish and be damned” – 6 reasons people resist blogging

Perhaps you might be considering writing a blog, either to promote your business, find a new employer or simply to tell your story. But while people are being told to get blogging, many of them feel resistance to the idea - so its worth looking at overcoming the reasons why they don't, which sometimes come … Continue reading “Publish and be damned” – 6 reasons people resist blogging

A life lesson in singing class!

Since joining Dublin County Choir in January, I’m also taking one-to-one singing lessons with a terrific teacher. There are so many physiological aspects to singing that I wasn’t really aware of, but as with most other things in life, much of it is in “the mind”! I had a lot of new things to remember, not … Continue reading A life lesson in singing class!

Rediscovering a passion for music!

For years, since singing in a choir during my teenage years (which wasn't today or yesterday!) I've been saying I'd love to get back to choral singing again, as opposed to just singing in the bathroom.  It was a goal for 2009, which for various reasons I didn't quite manage to achieve by end December, but I … Continue reading Rediscovering a passion for music!