Rediscovering a passion for music!

For years, since singing in a choir during my teenage years (which wasn’t today or yesterday!) I’ve been saying I’d love to get back to choral singing again, as opposed to just singing in the bathroom.  It was a goal for 2009, which for various reasons I didn’t quite manage to achieve by end December, but I finally got to the audition and first rehearsal, and am loving it.

We all need to find and make time for our passions in life, and singing’s a great way to do it. Aside from the physical benefits from singing – breathing deeply, good balanced posture – there’s also great enjoyment in collaborating with and listening to others around me, releasing any tension or stress and indulging in creativity.

It’s amazing how other possibilities open up when you do something new  – at my first rehearsal I bumped into a client I haven’t seen in a while, who wants to meet to discuss a possible business opportunity. Also I realised that the venue runs night classes so may be a way to connect with other people interested in coaching.

So try out something new this week (or rediscover something old) and see where it takes you!

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