“Publish and be damned” – 6 reasons people resist blogging

"Blog & be damned!"

Perhaps you might be considering writing a blog, either to promote your business, find a new employer or simply to tell your story.

But while people are being told to get blogging, many of them feel resistance to the idea – so its worth looking at overcoming the reasons why they don’t, which sometimes come up when I’m coaching my clients around these kind of goals.

I can’t write well – seriously – have you read some of the blogs that are out there? Keep it simple, short and conversational; each post around 300-500 words. As Shaw said “I’m writing you a long letter because I didn’t have time to write you a short one”. Get feedback on your drafts and take the time to refine them. There are plenty of reasonably priced training courses available to help you get even better at writing for the web.

I don’t have anything to say; this reason is not just about whether you want to write a blog or not; if you want to promote yourself or your business, then surely you have valuable insight or experience, or at least an opinion about your area of expertise that other people would be glad of. Who’s to say your opinion is any less valid than anyone elses – if nothing else it will provoke a response and some interesting debate on your topic.

What if no-one wants to read it? So what?! Of course they won’t, at first. Write your first few posts, and email clients or people you know to read, comment and subscribe to regular updates. People won’t like or agree with everything you write but it will create some kind of response!

I would feel under pressure to write and publish posts regularly. Yes, the conventional wisdom is that you should write regularly, but I’m pretty sure no blog subscriber waits impatiently for a blog update if it’s a few days late. Life is like that – do it as regularly as you can. Write a few articles so that you’ll be ahead of yourself.

It would mean putting myself “out there”. If you have a business and want to promote it, or are promoting yourself and your skills looking for a new role, then you are already “out there”. If you have a website, you are already “out there”.  Blogging is just another “channel”, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and your own website if you have one.

Don’t know the technology – this is the easiest one to solve – with most blogging tools, if you can use Microsoft Word or similar, then you know enough to publish your blog posts. You can be sure that one of your friends or someone you know knows a bit about it – if you want to you can use your blog as your main website with your chosen domain name. Again plenty of training courses are available for example in WordPress, in this area.

If you read Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way” you’ll know how important the morning pages are to enabling your creativity – and a sure way to get better at writing is to do more of it!

So get your blog started now –  once you do you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Thanks for reading mine – I look forward to reading yours!

Liz Barron – Realize Coaching www.realize.ie

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