No is a Complete Sentence

Many professionals today are completely overwhelmed with work, and in their willingness to please or desire to avoid conflict, when presented with yet another work request, they ‘give in’ and resentfully add it to their already overflowing in-tray. The root cause of this is usually under-resourced teams who can’t recruit the staff they want or … Continue reading No is a Complete Sentence

Zoom Out to Focus In

Last month, I shared some ways to think differently about how you can best set goals by doing it your way – we’re all different, so following what someone else is doing may not be the best approach for you. Today, I’ll share four possible ways to tap into your creativity and think about your … Continue reading Zoom Out to Focus In

What women want: #confidence #nwed

I work with many clients, some male but predominantly female, who at some point in our coaching sessions will say; “if only I had the confidence… more confidence… her confidence… “. What is it, this elusive thing that we tell ourselves we don’t have? Where is it? If you had it before, where did it go? Maybe you left it behind in a taxi or it vanished down the back of the sofa… and how can you find it again?

Delighted to be awarded ICF Ireland Career Coach of the Year 2014

Delighted to be selected as the @ICFIreland Career Coach of the Year 2014, which was sponsored by Lee Hecht Harrison and presented by Keara McAndrew; while we don't do this work for awards, I'm honoured especially when so many other brilliant coaches were shortlisted. Congratulations also to represented by Darren Cannon and volunteer Claire … Continue reading Delighted to be awarded ICF Ireland Career Coach of the Year 2014