What are you #waiting for?

White Birch in Front of Maple TreesAs we notice the seasons change, we become conscious of the passing of time – maybe you’ve been waiting for something to happen. We spend so much of our lives waiting … for the bus… to pick up the kids…for the kettle to boil… for the weekend… for the winter… for new year…

We often wait for some notional concept of perfection; the right man or woman, a fine day, the perfect house…

Or we wait until a particular condition is met – when my knee is better… when the kids are finished school… when my mum recovers… when I get promoted… waiting for someone’s approval or permission – we are waiting until we have all our ducks in a row.

Sometimes there are practical and pragmatic reasons to wait; perhaps til you have enough money saved to go on that cruise, or to go looking for your next job when you’ve completed your part-time study.

But often we are imposing limits and barriers on ourselves – waiting for some things that may never actually happen, and wasting time… so next time you find yourself waiting, ask if you really need to?

What, really, are you waiting for?

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