#2020vision for your Team

What’s your #2020vision for yourself and your team ?

It’s that time of year again, to reflect and take stock of what’s been happening through the year and start to turn attention to our plans for 2020.

The particular year – twenty-twenty-  got me thinking about vision and looking at the big picture – for you and your team (even if your team is a team of one!)

Think about these powerful team questions … perhaps you’d like to share your responses.

What things would you like to see changed in your team by this time next year?

What is possible?

What is not being addressed or is taboo ?

What is the impact of things that are being left unsaid?

If you wanted to get the helicopter view of you and your team, and their external stakeholders – what do you think you’d notice?

If you want to share or chat about any of your answers – or consider making some changes in how you and your team perform in 2020 – give me a call or message me.

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