Coaching: Investing in your Future

Realize Coaching offers Career, Business and Personal Coaching – we believe coaching has to the potential to unlock our hidden capabilities and help us all to create a better future… here’s how it works…

The goal of coaching is to help you to achieve your goal. It’s that simple.

If you’ve experienced effective coaching, you’ll recognise how much it can unlock potential you didn’t even know you had. Just like a sculptor can find and liberate the form within a block of marble, coaching can help you find the real you, and your undiscovered or forgotten talents and skills, and allow you to be the best you can be.

Effective coaching, whether in career, business, relationships or personal goals, enables you to consider and find answers to questions you have never really clarified for yourself before, such as– What does success mean to me? How will I know when I’m happy? What is missing in my life? What career path do I want to take?

People often ask about coaching and whether it the same as counselling – the simple answer is that counselling and other therapies primarily deal with what’s happened in the past, whereas coaching helps you to focus on the future, clarifying and achieving goals that you define. What these services share is that they involve talking and a deep level of listening on the part of the coach or counsellor.

It is a cliché to say that “talking helps” – but it’s a cliché because it’s true. As a coaching client, I have often heard myself say something that I didn’t even realise I was thinking, and when it’s “out there” you recognise how accurate it is, why you might hold back from something and what you need to do about it. We don’t often have everyday conversations like these with other people, or even with ourselves, and that’s why we gain insight from coaching interactions in a way that we usually don’t experience unless we are talking and thinking at the deepest level. Writing exercises also help here, to help clarify your thoughts.

In order to get the benefits from coaching, some investment is needed – primarily you invest three things when you start the coaching process:

  • Your trust and honesty; in order for the coaching process to work, a firm foundation of trust must exist between client and coach. As the client you need to feel safe and comfortable in opening up, and being completely honest with yourself allows you to address areas of difficulty and move forward. Good coaches will generally get a sense of any resistance or lack of conviction and help you to identify how to deal with these.
  • Your time; usually at least three sessions, with exercises or new practices to be done in between, are necessary to achieve a goal – if you are developing new habits or breaking down old patterns, it may take a couple of months to achieve the result you want. You are in control of how many sessions you want to take.
  • Your money; there are plenty of coaches available, and as far as I can tell, rates can vary in Ireland from 70 euros per session up to 300 or 400 depending on demand. Some coaches base their fee on what the client earns per hour – this is on the basis that your time and theirs are equally valuable. In Ireland generally fees are payable at each session; most coaches will offer a free initial consultation, and discounts for lower-income clients. The main thing to remember is that coaching is an investment that has the power to help you make lasting change in your life – it is something that you can benefit from on a regular basis.

What to expect from your coach.

  • Your coach should help you to clarify the overall goal or goals you want to work on, and each session you have should result in a specific part of that goal being achieved.
  • Your coach will question, challenge you and give you feedback to help you take a new perspective on where you are and what opportunities you may yet be unaware of.
  • Your coach may use exercises or models as appropriate to your situation and sometimes set these as work to be completed between sessions – for specific types of business or career coaching they may offer suggestions or best practices based on their experience.
  • Your coach should facilitate you in coming up with solutions and the right way forward for you – the coach may sometimes offer suggestions or alternative viewpoints if you’re stuck, but ultimately the solutions you identify for yourself are potentially the most effective for you.

It is a good idea to check your coach’s experience and the types of goals they’ve worked with before, as well as their training and professional accreditation, to give you some peace of mind and confidence in them – ideally having someone referred to you by someone you know, but remember also that people react differently to people for lots of reasons, so the coach that suits your friend may not work the same way for you.

Coaching can help you to recognise all the ways in which, even though you may already be successful and happy, you could be holding yourself back or limiting your potential. This enables you to choose actions to help you maximise your personal success and happiness, in whatever terms you measure them. Effective coaching has the potential to enhance our capability both individually and collectively, and instead of going through life half asleep, to help people wake up and create a new future for themselves!  Try it – call us today!


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