Time to let go…

Well, it’s finally happened. After fourteen years of our relationship, we’ve been through good times and bad, through two house moves and two children growing up, countless baby bottles and cups of tea. We have lots of history, but it’s time to let go. Things ran smoothly in the early days, but lately we’ve had a few breakdowns.

So we invested a lot in patching it up, but now in the longer run it seems the cycle has come to an end. At times it’s been a very stop/start affair, with unpredictability on both sides, and occasional arguments about getting loaded – the rights and wrongs of it. Buttons were being pushed, but it just wasn’t happening. It was particularly difficult over Christmas when family and visitors stayed with us for the holidays – it was really under pressure. Every time I thought about it, I could feel myself become angry and resentful, instead of being grateful for it.

It’s become such a drain on the whole family, that my husband and I finally had a long discussion. We both felt that something was blocked and no matter how much we wanted to hold on to it, we agreed it was time to say goodbye.

Time to switch off and disconnect.

Time for a new model.


So, yes, we’ve finally ordered a new dishwasher.

What are you holding onto that you need to let go of ?

5 thoughts on “Time to let go…

    1. Thanks Sandy
      Am in Limerick working this week so won’t have much chance to check it out, but I really appreciate your kind thoughts and taking the time to do this…
      Hope we can meet for a chat soon – Liz x

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