Time to clear out?

If you feel like you are weighed down with problems… maybe it’s time to have a clear out?

In the physical sense – over the recent bank holiday weekend, several people I know were doing a spot of spring cleaning, and shedding stuff they no longer wanted.

In the personal sense too, in your mind or heart … what can you clear out and let go of?

If you take stock of what you have in the attic you call your head, what are the cluttered areas?

Stuff from your childhood, your kids toys, a matchbook from your honeymoon, blunt & broken tools you don’t use any more, letters from old flames, old bank statements, seized up exercise equipment – all representing different aspects of you and who you used to be – do these things define you?

They may have helped to shape who you are – but do you still need them?

  • What are your priorities – the most important areas to tackle?
  • What stuff do you want to keep?
  • What do you need to let go of- maybe it’s time to let someone else deal with it, or have the benefit of something you don’t want any more?
  • What will you get from creating this space for yourself?

At home, I recently cleared out a whole load of “stuff” that had accumulated over years; it’s amazing how much mental freedom it creates, and how satisfying it is to let it all go, so there is a connection between the two. I asked myself, am I ever going to use this again? And, if I don’t get rid of this now, someone else will anyway, so might as well do it now!

Recycle, upcycle, donate, sell or bin it (responsibly!) ; it’s taking up space in your life.

Get your “house” in order – get rid of just one thing every day – what can you let go of today?

Liz Barron – Realize Coaching www.realize.ie

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