Taking your #ProjectManagement career to the next level; Part 2 of 2

Following from my previous post… here are another four things to consider about taking the next steps in your Project or Programme Management career…

Companies or Products you admire: Are there products or services that you think would be amazing to be part of? Many people have a dream of working for say Facebook or Google, and may not necessarily care what job they do there; they might welcome the opportunity to grow and learn and deliver value in an environment that they feel strongly connected to. So the company is most important for those people; they are prepared to be flexible about the role they play.

Strengths: When you think of yourself at your best, and doing your best work, what skills are you using? Problem solving, analysis, communication, influencing, understanding complexity, getting stuff done… Most people take their own skills for granted, and might underestimate their value. How can you continue to develop and stretch yourself in building these skills further to take your career to new heights – perhaps in a mainstream business role that involves leading change (and most do!) Are you making full use of your strengths and talents?

Balance: What does getting the balance right in your working life look like for you? Are you good at saying no, setting boundaries, not jumping in to fix other people’s problems? How does your career fit with other goals and things you want to do in your life

Professional Development needs: If you know where you’re going with your career, what upskilling, or certification or qualifications could you start working towards? Are there self-management, communication, leadership or other personal skillsets that you would like to improve on to develop your impact?

Suggested Exercise: I often ask coaching clients to write a “future self” profile piece about themselves, as if it was written a few years in the future for a business magazine or newspaper. Starting something like,

“Jane Bloggs, CEO of HeckYeah Industries, started out her career in tech as a project manager. Now with …. and … she juggles her time between…. She has served as this and that…  Her path to success wasn’t always smooth… she learned these lessons… Her plans for the future are space exploration and… ”

Have fun with it, make it as outlandish as you like! You don’t have to show it to anyone, but it can be interesting to see what you come up with.

Let me know how you get on, and get in touch if it’s something you’d like some help with.

What’s your career plan moving forward – how can you become the Project Manager of your working life!?



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