Watched UP last night again at home with the family – it’s good to watch again because you notice detail you might have missed the first time, like the label sticking up on the back of the nurse’s uniform…

There are some great themes in the movie –

– Visualising the goal – as children drawing a crayon picture of their house at Paradise Falls, Carl and Ellie make their dream come true, but not exactly in the way they might have expected. Sometimes life can take you in a different direction, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve your goals.

– Material things can weigh you down – in order to get to where he wants to go, Carl has to shed all the treasured belongings from his life, to move on – literally!

– Age can be just a state of mind – Carl goes from needing a stair lift and walking cane, to climbing cliffs and fighting bad guys on blimps!

– Connecting with others brings its own reward – Carl allows himself to connect with the boy scout Russell, the crazy bird Kevin and dopey dog Dug – little things like eating ice cream with a kid sitting on the kerb become fun again, and his life becomes all the richer for it.

Definitely a worth OSCAR winner! Any other themes you noticed?

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