Should I stay or should I go – considering your career options?

“If I leave there will be trouble… if I stay there will be double…” goes the Clash song. If you’re considering whether to move on or stay put.. this simple exercise could help… I recommended it to a friend recently who found it a great help

In relation to your life and your career at the moment, write out…

1. What you want and don’t currently have?

2. What you have and don’t want ?

3. What you have and want to keep?

One thought on “Should I stay or should I go – considering your career options?

  1. Liz,
    This is a great way to declutter the mind and suspend the beliefs that prevent us from going for gold.

    It helped me to think about future actions I will take and the outcomes that I can anticipate.

    Great exercise! now whats left to do is to.. Start Walking!… as the boot song goes….!


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