Solving Problems – another perspective

It’s often easier to solve your own problems or achieve better outcomes by asking yourself, if this was someone else’s problem or challenge, how would I advise them?

I’m delivering a 10 week  personal development evening course starting in September, and as the Adult Education dept of the college promotes and distributes leaflets covering all their courses, from Art to Yoga, I was happy that the promotion was taken care of.

However from an interaction with another coach delivering a similar course elsewhere, he said that he was finding that there was a lot of work involved in promoting the programme.

I suggested perhaps contacting local companies and asking if he can do a short information briefing to their staff, or organising information evenings.

Then it hit me, I should really take some of my own advice…!  We often can just see one way of doing things, and pin all our hopes on that. 

Just like a broad & powerful river, it’s made up of many small tributaries – to achieve a particular outcome, there may be many things you can do which collectively give an even better result than just one on its own.

So just stand back for a second, and think about it as if it was someone else’s problem, and see what you come up with!

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