A handy tool to help you get organised


Mid section of a workman wearing a tool belt

I’m always looking for simple tools that make life easier (my inner geek coming to the fore!) and for anyone who has a lot of projects on the go, you may want to check out a free collaborative tool called Asana (www.asana.com). This web-based software makes it easy to create and share projects and tasks with up to thirty people for free, and track progress; so you could use it for a fundraising or community project, or a business-related project with one or more clients.

I have been looking at quite a few  of these, and so far its making it much easier for me to work with my clients on tasks, exercises and assignments that we agree in preparation for coaching sessions; obviously all information and documents can be kept private between users.

There’s an app for it too! On the iPhone / iPad app, you can view all your due tasks and related documents, and though it doesn’t seem to allow you to edit documents on the app, you can add task updates and mark items complete. No official Android app yet though.

While it may not suit everyone to work this way, it could help you bring some more structure to making things happen.

If you try it out let me know what you think of it…