Ten questions for you to reflect on 2016


As we reflect on 2016, having lost many of our favourite entertainers and artists, witnessed  acts of violence and hatred, and with political and economic upheaval and uncertainty  throughout, it has been notable as a year of massive change on a global scale.

Coaching is all about enabling change, both proactive change, where you can choose what actions and outcomes you want, and reactive change – adapting to external change where we have no control over anything except how we respond, especially in times of difficulty.

In relation to change and external events, one main area of focus with my clients was the whole area of Circles of Control: Control, Influence and No Control – as per Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits. These zones also correlate with our tendency to spend lots of time thinking about the past or worrying about the future – rather than being in the here and now.

The Past is in the area of No Control – the Future is in the Influence zone, and the Present is the only place we have full Control over ourselves; our actions and our reactions to whatever is happening. So maybe this is an area we need to work on!

With all the ups and downs of 2016, we may tend to write it off and move on quickly as we can! We are often so busy getting on with our daily lives, that we forget to stand back and take stock, and acknowledge what we have accomplished, often in the face of adversity.

So here are ten questions you can use to review your year – its best to write your answers or discuss them with a friend, as it forces you to be honest with yourself.

  1. What can you give yourself most credit for?
  2. What did you find most challenging and why?
  3. What obstacles have you overcome this year?
  4. What have you learned about yourself or others?
  5. What would you do differently?
  6. What do you need to create space for?
  7. What do you need to let go of ?
  8. What are you not doing or resisting?
  9. What are you grateful for?
  10. What would you most like to get out of 2017?

I’d love you to send me your answers to the questions above – in confidence of course – and I can give you some feedback if you wish!

I’ll be working on my own answers in the meantime!

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas season and wishing you success and happiness in the New Year and look forward to meeting you in 2017!

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