#Thanksgiving a bunch!

As Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA,  it reminds us all that we can perhaps, no matter how difficult things are, find little ways to practice gratitude. Research into psychology shows a clear correlation between happiness and the practice of noticing things to be thankful for in your life  – even when you may not have everything you want or need. People of all religions practice this through prayer and giving thanks, but even for those who don’t have any particular affiliations, you can still notice and be thankful for what you have. Many of us are preoccupied with the things we don’t have, and are waiting anxiously for the day when we will have everything we want – focused on the future rather than appreciating and making every day count. Our world can revolve around our problems, our lack and our debts, and the things we don’t have, rather than the things we do – which hopefully include our health, our skills & talents, our loved ones, a clear sky, the rain.

This week, our family lost both old and new friends, and it reminds us to appreciate those we have close to us, and aim to accept them as they are, even when circumstances and relationships are difficult from time to time.   Someone today commented on the passing of our young friend, saying it was terrible to have lost someone at that age, just beginning their life. But in time hopefully we can appreciate all that our lost friends have brought to us while they were with us, even if it was for too brief a time. Thanks for reading and hope you can find some little things to be thankful for every day.

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