Slow down for a break!


A few weeks ago I hurt my foot and can’t drive, so I’ve literally had to take a step back and slow down. Lots of things are difficult when you’re not fully mobile, like getting laundry done, making dinner and getting up and down stairs, so it certainly makes you appreciate your mobility and how much you take things for granted. It also makes you realise and admire how people with longer term physical difficulties could struggle with everyday things and still manage to overcome them. Being self employed I need to continue with some work but have to work around it!

While it can be frustrating at times (for those around me as well!), I decided to try and make use of the slowing down time.

So I have more time to practice some mindfulness, which is also supposed to help with healing; it certainly can’t hurt!

I decided to make use of the time to work on my ICF coaching credential application which is almost ready for submission – just some writing up of session notes to complete and a few other bits.

I got myself a new guitar and want to get back into practice with a few songs I like.

As usual I’ve been avoiding my annual accounts so that’s another item on the list that I can work on.

Normally when I am asked to do something I always say yes – however this has made me slow down and think about what I am committing to and whether it’s something I can do at this time.

This week was the three week milestone date when I was back for a checkup – but they said that it’ll take another three weeks to heal – this was frustrating but I have to remind myself that I’m not in control of this, and it will take as long as it takes.  I have to remember that my situation is temporary and it will pass!

It also reminded me that we often have expectations that aren’t met, and that can be frustrating. It helps if we  can “hold them lightly” and not be so attached to them.

I’ve also been able to appreciate help from friends and neighbours as well as my family especially my better half – so I’m grateful for that.

Like lots of things in life, it’s the lack of acceptance of the situation that causes stress – so this is the lesson I’m reminded to learn!

It’s taken a break to slow me down!

(Image CC on Pixabay)

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