Team Coaching bears fruit – Client Case Study


I love working with teams providing coaching and training to help them realize their full potential. Recently I was asked to work with a rapidly expanding team of medical professionals in Safetynet – Safetynet Primary Care is a medical charity delivering quality care to those marginalized in society without access to healthcare, including homeless people, drug users and migrants.

I worked with the clients to design a bespoke half-day workshop focused on building trust and cohesion to establish a firm foundation, which will be followed by a second session. Here’s what Dr Cathy Cullen, the Clinical Director, said about the impact of our workshop.

“I am the clinical director of a medical charity providing primary care to hard to reach groups. We have recently expanded significantly, going from a single staff member to a staff of 14. We all work in different areas of the organisation in a high demand situation.

We contacted Liz with a view to improving team dynamics, and general lines of communication and working together … Our first session was well received and has already borne fruit in improving the different ways different team members thrive and work best.

Liz is an excellent facilitator, guiding the session, but remaining outside the group, thus allowing the team to bond while working together. We look forward to part two.”

Dr Cathy Cullen, Clinical Director, Primary Care Safetynet

For more information on the work of Safetynet in Dublin, Cork & Limerick – visit

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