Ten Years to Realize – My Ten Year Challenge!

The 10 Year Challenge has recently been the subject of many memes and online gags – but for most of us in business today, making it to ten years is a significant achievement and worthy of celebration! If anyone had told me 11 years ago that I’d have my own business, I’d have laughed in … Continue reading Ten Years to Realize – My Ten Year Challenge!

Taking your #ProjectManagement career to the next level; Part 2 of 2

Following from my previous post... here are another four things to consider about taking the next steps in your Project or Programme Management career... Companies or Products you admire: Are there products or services that you think would be amazing to be part of? Many people have a dream of working for say Facebook or Google, … Continue reading Taking your #ProjectManagement career to the next level; Part 2 of 2

Taking your #ProjectManagement career to the next level – Part 1 of 2

Many people I've met in project management and other roles have said, "I didn't really plan to be doing this, I just fell into it" - like it was a great big hole in the road, and perhaps they feel a bit stuck or don't know how to move on with their career! Most people … Continue reading Taking your #ProjectManagement career to the next level – Part 1 of 2

Living an #Agile life!

I originally wrote this back in 2010 and thought I’d reshare it with a couple of minor edits… still as valid today as ever!

Liz Barron - Realize Coaching

gymnastics-853695_1280“Agile approaches” in business and organisational change achieve the right outcome, at the right time, in the right way, for project teams. But some organisations, and some people, just don’t get it.

For many of us, thinking in an agile way is just natural, and we apply this thinking to our lives on a daily basis, to help us get the most from every day. Given the challenges that many of us are currently experiencing, more than ever, we now need to be able to cope with difficult times and make the changes we need to succeed. Read any of the self help books on personal success and you will read many of the same concepts presented and experienced in different ways. These books all focus on success, whatever that means for each of us, whether it’s fame, fortune, feeling fulfilled or simply surviving. Ultimately they are about maximising our…

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Team Coaching bears fruit – Client Case Study

I love working with teams providing coaching and training to help them realize their full potential. Recently I was asked to work with a rapidly expanding team of medical professionals in Safetynet - Safetynet Primary Care is a medical charity delivering quality care to those marginalized in society without access to healthcare, including homeless people, … Continue reading Team Coaching bears fruit – Client Case Study

Unleash your Project Manager’s Superpower

I’ve been re-reading Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” … and thought I’d share a bit about why I do what I do – I think my work is all about finding and honing your super power to achieve success and fulfilment in what you do; whether that’s supporting you and your team to deliver change … Continue reading Unleash your Project Manager’s Superpower