A match made in heaven – you and your perfect job!

 Having trouble finding that perfect job?

 If you have been jobhunting for a while with no success, your biggest challenge will be maintaining your belief in yourself…

Borrow some tips from the matchmaking experts:

– Believe !  
Do you believe that someone is out there, at least one organisation who wants your skills, talents and capabilities? So if you believe at least one exists, then there are bound to be more, but you just haven’t found them yet. So where are they – If you haven’t found “the one” yet, then you need to try doing things in a different way, or you’ll end up with the same results..are you looking in the right places… have you considered all the possible watering holes?!

– Be specific – what do you really want in an employer? If you’ve clarified what you want, what you value, what type of organisation you want to work with, and what you are prepared to bring to the relationship, then you can be much more focused about finding “the one” (or the ones!).

-Be proactive – don’t just wait for the right relationship to fall into your lap (or drift across your computer screen) – take action! Make a list of all the eligible organisations that meet your criteria, and start arranging to get out there “dating”… 

You have nothing to lose if you take action, prepare your CV to focus on your achievements, line up some contacts and see what you learn…

You don’t want to get left on the shelf any longer than necessary, do you? 

Oh and Happy Valentines Day!

Liz Barron – Realize Coaching

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