What women want: #confidence #nwed

I work with many clients, some male but predominantly female, who at some point in our coaching sessions will say; “if only I had the confidence… more confidence… her confidence… “. What is it, this elusive thing that we tell ourselves we don’t have? Where is it? If you had it before, where did it go? Maybe you left it behind in a taxi or it vanished down the back of the sofa… and how can you find it again?

Feeling #overwhelmed? Create space for you

Focus 100% on whatever you’re doing, including being on holiday !!!

Liz Barron - Realize Coaching

beach During the summer months hopefully we all get to take some vacation / holiday time, either alone or with friends or family.

Many coaching clients I have been working with find it difficult to switch off, and feel overwhelmed at times by lots of competing demands, responsibilities and never ending “to do” lists.

When working with a client recently, I asked him if he had any time for himself and he admitted no – that somehow he felt that he had got “lost” in all the busy-ness of business. It was affecting his creativity and energy levels, and he wanted to do something about it – his “batteries” were becoming depleted because he wasn’t taking time for himself.

He even said that he purposely used the computer or smartphone out of habit because “doing nothing” seemed so self-indulgent. He also recognised that doing things solely for himself, even two or three…

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Are we there yet?

Some journeys can be long and arduous and test our patience. The journey of learning continues through most of our lives, and perhaps at times we wonder “Are we there yet?” – “Surely I must have arrived by now after everything I’ve been through”! But we often don’t realize just how far we have come. … Continue reading Are we there yet?

What “stuff” are you holding on to?

Keepsakes and old photographs, holiday mementos, kids finger paintings, paperwork, old love letters or hate mail… they represent the journey of our life and many of us, myself included, have parts of our homes or workplaces where “stuff” just accumulates. Likewise, maybe you’re holding on to feelings of guilt or loss, responsibility or regrets, or … Continue reading What “stuff” are you holding on to?

Slow down for a break!

A few weeks ago I hurt my foot and can’t drive, so I’ve literally had to take a step back and slow down. Lots of things are difficult when you’re not fully mobile, like getting laundry done, making dinner and getting up and down stairs, so it certainly makes you appreciate your mobility and how … Continue reading Slow down for a break!

What’s another year?

“I’ve been waiting, such a long time…” Most Irish people and Eurovision fans will recognise the song line from the guy in the white suit… but what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to make change in your life, and have been waiting to get the timing just right, how long more are you going … Continue reading What’s another year?