What’s another year?

“I’ve been waiting, such a long time…” Most Irish people and Eurovision fans will recognise the song line from the guy in the white suit… but what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to make change in your life, and have been waiting to get the timing just right, how long more are you going … Continue reading What’s another year?

What are you #waiting for?

As we notice the seasons change, we become conscious of the passing of time – maybe you’ve been waiting for something to happen. We spend so much of our lives waiting … for the bus… to pick up the kids…for the kettle to boil… for the weekend… for the winter... for new year… We often … Continue reading What are you #waiting for?

Feeling #overwhelmed? Create space for you

 During the summer months hopefully we all get to take some vacation / holiday time, either alone or with friends or family. Many coaching clients I have been working with find it difficult to switch off, and feel overwhelmed at times by lots of competing demands, responsibilities and never ending "to do" lists. When working … Continue reading Feeling #overwhelmed? Create space for you

#thirteenthings to teach my teenagers

As parents we never stop wanting the best for our kids – our relationship changes and evolves as we all grow older and wiser, but we still want to help them learn and develop. We helped them learn how to walk and feed themselves, to ride a bike, to manage their pocket money and mind … Continue reading #thirteenthings to teach my teenagers

A handy tool to help you get organised

  I’m always looking for simple tools that make life easier (my inner geek coming to the fore!) and for anyone who has a lot of projects on the go, you may want to check out a free collaborative tool called Asana (www.asana.com). This web-based software makes it easy to create and share projects and … Continue reading A handy tool to help you get organised

#BigIdea 2013: Time for Action

Many of us are feeling the pinch in the current climate, and I don’t just mean the chilling winter wind! And while we’re often told that “it’s good to talk”, and “a problem shared is a problem halved”, this can sometimes turn into complaining, moaning and harping on about our situation, over and over again, … Continue reading #BigIdea 2013: Time for Action

#Thanksgiving a bunch!

As Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA,  it reminds us all that we can perhaps, no matter how difficult things are, find little ways to practice gratitude. Research into psychology shows a clear correlation between happiness and the practice of noticing things to be thankful for in your life  – even when you may not … Continue reading #Thanksgiving a bunch!

Repairing “storm damage” in your life

The recent banking payments problem here in Ireland reminds me of storm damage after a hurricane – while they work on a solution to repair the harbour wall, the bigger problem is managing the ongoing surges of waves that keep coming in on a daily basis. Our lives can be a bit like this too … Continue reading Repairing “storm damage” in your life

Make your own luck, with the shamrock

Traditionally on St Patrick’s Day, the shamrock with its three leaves is used as a metaphor to represent the Christian trinity… NOT to be confused with the elusive four-leaf clover which represents good luck!  How can the shamrock inspire us on the road to recovery? Given that we are known for having “the Luck of … Continue reading Make your own luck, with the shamrock

How to give up “giving up”!

If you’re a plant, you need water, food, the right kind of soil as well as sunlight and a certain amount of warmth to grow. You need to develop a sturdy root system to support your growth in the longer term. The seasoned gardeners among us will agree that they certainly aren't thinking about what … Continue reading How to give up “giving up”!